• There are OH SO MANY benefits of wearing hair extensions, Im not sure where to begin!!

    1. Is of course to ENHANCE what you already have! This is an obvious reason. We ALL want more BEAUTY in our lives!!!
  • 2. Less hair washing!!! I bet you hadn't even thought of that! Its true, most women who wear hair extensions find that the extension hair doesn't get greasy like our regular hair. A lot of my clients have spent YEARS washing their hair EVERY DAY...YEIKS! So going from waking every day to 1-2 times a week is LIFE CHANGING in its self! You just find a dry shampoo for your roots that you love and have it became your new BFF!!


    3.Promotes hair growth by protecting your own hair!  I know, this goes against everything that you have ever heard about hair extensions...right?! Well, it is true! Because you aren't washing your hair near as much alone is HUGE for protecting your hair. You will also realize that the hair extensions get the brunt of most of the damage from all our fun styling tools like your  blow dryer, curling and flat iron etc.. This isn't true for all hair extension methods or brands so it is important to do you research about who you are having install them and what they are using. But at least you know that TK Extensions only offers the methods that are safe for your hair.


  • 4. Extension hair holds curl SO SO SO much better than your natural hair!! Most of us who get hair extensions have thin and or fine natural hair that tends to lose curl not long after styling it. Well, you are in for a GLORIOUS surprise with extension hair!!! Because it comes from countries that genetically have a much wider diameter than our "European Hair"  you will be amazed how many DAYS...thats right...DAYS your hair will hold curl!!!

  • 5. The PERFECT hair color!!!  HUH?! Im serious, Hair extensions come in the PERFECT shade and when our hair is a little flat or drab it will be overtaken with the perfectness of the extension color! Infact when someone is doing a color correction (going way darker or especially way lighter) hair extensions make it WAY easier to get thru the process because mixed in with your less than perfect transitioning hair color is the PERFECTION of the extension hair color.

    6. Adding highlights or low lights without the added damage.  Have you ever wondererd how your hair would look with a few highlights but  are worried about the damage that comes with bleach? or what about you SUPER blondes that love having the contrast of a lowlight but because your hair is so light the lowlights that your hair stylist puts in wash out in 2 weeks...UGH!  SOOOOOO....this is a PERFECT way to use a few TK Tape-Ins!!! Go ahead and try those highlights or put those lowlights without the commitment or damage from chemicals!!

  • 7. OHHHH..... AND THE WHOLE REASON I GOT IN TO EXTENSIONS YEARS AGO!!! Filling in those thin sides that hold all of us fine hair people back from growing our hair out!! You know what I'm talking about...THE MULLET (eye roll) the back of our hair seems to grow ok but those SIDES!!! They break off so we are constantly cutting the back of our hair to match up with the sides to avoid the dreaded mullet!! All you need is 1 or 2  tape-Ins or a few inches of the weft to fill those sides in!! GAME CHANGER!!!