• One of the questions that I get most is, "Would the TK Clip-ins or TK Halo work best for me?"

    I will always ask 2 questions to figure it out

    How long is your hair now AND how long are you wanting your hair to be with the extensions?

    Here are a few different scenarios:

     1. Shoulder length to the mid back.

    My answer to them would be TK CLIP-INS....FOR SURE!!!

    Here is the reason, The TK Halo doesn't work well on short hair lwanting lots of length because it won't blend well.

     2. Shoulder length for fullness and an inch or 2 of length

    In this case EITHER would be an work but the TK Halo would be PERFECT because it is FAST, EASY and COMFORTABLE.

     3.Long to Longer

    BOTH would be great options! 

     4. Chin length to mid back.

    I would probably encourage this person to either wait until their hair is at LEAST shoulder (preferably collar bone) length OR get shorter extensions and blend them into collar bone length....thats doable!

     REMEMBER...We don't want our hair to LOOK like extensions!!! There are limits and restrictions to how long you can go and still having it look AMAZING and natural.

    Hope this post helps you make the right decision for your hair!!!!