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    Lets answer your questions...

    1. How much money will I save or make on TK items by becoming a TK Distributor?

    TK Distributors make up to 40% profit 

     *TK Distributors profit on TK Clip-Ins and TK Halos greater than TK Tape-Ins and TK Hybrid Wefts. The reason is because our TK Tape-Ins and TK Hybrid Wefts are Full Cuticle Hair. Full Cuticle hair is a very expensive to produce. We want to make sure this high quality is at a price point people can afford. 

    2. How do I become a TK Distributor?

    It is as easy as 1,2,3...

              1.Purchase the TK Distributor Kit. (Available on our website)

              2.We will email you your own, custom login within 1 business day. 

              3.START PURCHASING at TK Distributor pricing!

    3. What is in a TK Distributor Kit?

    You get everything that you need to sell TK Hair Extensions in your TK Distributor Kit. It comes with the following…

    TK Tote Bag
    Tk Color Ring
    TK Styling Cape
    TK Vinyl Decal
    TK Extension Brush
    TK Leather Tool Belt

    4. Do I need to be a Hairstylist to become a TK Distributor?

    You DO NOT need to be a hairstylist to become a TK Distributor!!! You just have to LOVE HAIR! We have a lot of TK Distributors that have “Hair Parties” where friends come over and try on a sample, get color matched and purchase hair! We also have TK Distributors that keep a sample on hand and will sell to family, friends and neighbors.

    5. Do I need to order a certain amount within a certain time to remain a TK Distributor?

    You DO NOT need to purchase a certain amount within a time period to remain active as a TK Distributor!!!
    You make your profit directly from the customer. You purchase from us at the TK Distributor price and sell it to your customer for the retail price. You can even discount that retail price or offer discounts as you wish.

    6. How do I make money by becoming a TK Distributor?

    Here is an example of how a sale would work… -Your friend wants a TK Halo. -The customer comes to try on the sample (that you purchased) to get an idea of how comfortable TK Hair is… -You would use your TK Color Ring to figure out what color matches best -The customer pays you the retail price (plus your local tax). -You would login to your account on our website and purchase the item for your Distributor price. You can have the item sent to you or directly to your customer (the is no pricing information shipped, only a packing slip) *any profit you make is your responsibility to record and report for tax purposes