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    TK Tape-In Extensions


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    CLEARANCE (Clearance items are FINAL SALE)

    We hair stylists LOVE options…Some of you love a super strong hold and some of you like to be able to remove them fast and easy.  Both have their pros and cons. Whichever is important to you…TK has you covered! TK Tape-Ins come with a medium strength tape attached to each tape-in AND 1  sheet of strong hold tape so that you can choose!  If you prefer the strong hold or, even  a different tape that has just the right “stick” for you…. you can simply remove the tape portion and plop yours on!  It really is that simple. When you purchase TK Tape-Ins, you are purchasing the TK Full Cuticle quality hair that will last longer than any other brand ….you can’t go wrong.

    **CLEARANCE price is based off of retail pricing*** all clearance sales are final, no returns***

    TK Tape-Ins come with

    TK Tape-Ins Weight

    • 14″: 45 grams, 20 pieces per box (10 sets)
    • 20″: 50 grams, 20 pieces (10 sets)

    The lengths of our TK Tape-Ins may vary slightly:

    • 14” range from 13” – 15”
    • 20” range from 19”- 21”

    Sandwiches: 20 pieces, 10 sandwiches per box.

    When viewing colors, keep the following codes in mind:

    P represents piecey lowlights
    S represents soft blend
    T represents ombre or rooted


    What makes TK Hair different from other Brands?  Here is the secret…


    1) We use the best raw hair materials (which are hard to find)

    Our Factories select the highest quality virgin ponytail from one donor. This means, it has never been permed, colored or processed in anyway. Only 10%-15% of available hair meets our requirements. Most factories don’t know how to select this quality. TK factories have over 30 years experience doing this.  All raw hair is checked individually by hand by multiple people to ensure quality from the beginning.


    2. Nourish hair before Bleaching

    After selecting the highest quality raw hair, it will be soaked in a nutrient solution for about 12 hours. Which guarantee the hair protein and moisture to avoid damage during bleaching.

    Other factory skip this step. Most factories soak the hair in acid bath to remove the hair cuticles instead. This process is very damaging.

    3) Low temperature processing

    The hair will be divided into 3 different kinds of hair material groups.
    The first is suitable to make dark hair. The second is suitable to make medium color hair. The last is the most rare, it is the quality suitable to make light colors. The lightest blonde colors such as 22, 24, 613, and 60, will be bleached with cold water for 5-7 days to keep the cuticle in the same direction, so hair will not tangle or dry out

    4) Re-soak in nutrient solution
    After coloring, hair will soak again in a nutrient solution for 2 hours , then the hair will be washed at least 6 times to clean.

    This processing technique guarantee a (intact) FULL CUTICLE hair.

    *Tk Hybrid Weft and TK Tape-Ins are Full Cuticle*

    Additional information

    Weight .20 lbs
    Dimensions 5 × 10.5 × .5 in

    1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 18, 22, 33, 135, 613, 350, T2/8, T8/60, T4/17, T12/613, 12/16/613, 6/12, 18/613, 27/613, 14/24, 18/22


    14", 20"


    Box, Bundle


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