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  • TK Lace Closure (Topper Piece)


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    TK Lace Closure (or Topper)

    What are the measurements of the TK Lace Closure (or Topper)?

    4in X 4in

    *Lengths of hair may vary slightly our 20in ranges from 19-21in. 18in ranges from 17-19in.

    14in ranges from 13-15in. 18in

    What is the Purpose for the TK Lace Closure (or Topper)?

    This piece will add volume to the top of the head (an area hard to get to with extensions)

    It will fill in thinning scalps.

    It will help blend short hair into long hair.

    How is the TK Lace Closure (Topper) used?

    There are multiple ways to use the TK Lace Closure/Topper. It can be purchased with clips to make a fast easy way to add volume or add fullness to a thinning scalp. The Tk Lace Closure (or Topper) can always be sewn onto beads or braids for  more permanent volume.

    Why does it have extra lace on the front and what do I do with it?

    It comes with extra lace on the front so that it will give you a much more natural hair line. You will want to slide scissors across the lace (removing excess lace) following the outline of the hair line or creating your own.

    What hair is the TK Lace Closure (Topper) offered in?

    Right now the TK Lace Closure (Topper) is offered in 14in, wavy, made from Virgin Indian Temple hair (made from one donor).


    TK Virgin hair is the highest quality Indian Temple hair from one donor.

    The benefits of purchasing natural hair from one donor is…the cuticle. The cuticle never leaves the direction it grew from the donors head.

    By having the cuticle all facing the same (and correct) direction the hair stays smooth and soft so that you will get the longest wear possible from your extension hair.

    What is Virgin hair?

    “Virgin hair” is also referred to by some as “Natural Hair” or “Raw Hair” is hair that comes in its natural form, unaltered by any chemicals. This means that the hair has never been colored or permed. For this reason “Virgin Hair” varies in color and texture (most often dark because of where the hair is sourced from). A lot of times the ends of the hair will be a little lighter than the roots for the simple reason that, it is hair….and in its natural form.

    Can it be colored?

    YES!!! YES!!!! That is one of the best parts about using Virgin Hair. You can use both deposit and high lift color! Keep in mind that if you decide to bleach any virgin hair it doesn’t mean it will go without any damage (It is hair) but it can be done.



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    14in Wavy Without Clips, 14in Wavy With Clips