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      Top Knot Products

      What products do we offer?

      At Top Knot Extensions, we offer only the top quality hair extensions. For sew-in beaded extensions, we have our TK Hybrid Weft, our TK Hand-tied Weft, and our TK Mini Flex Tips. We also have our TK Halo extensions and Clip-in extensions for those who want the fullness and length of hair extensions without the upkeep of sew-in extensions!

      What is the difference between the types of hair?

      The TK hybrid, Premium hybrid and hand-tied extensions are commonly used as sew-in extensions. The stylist will make a track with beads and/or thread and sew the wefts onto the track. The Mini Flex Tips are individual pieces of extensions and are installed with our mini beads.

      TK Clip-ins and Halos are extension pieces that are made to be installed at home whenever you want to add some length or fullness to your hair! They are perfect for special occasions!

      Are Top Knot Extensions real human hair?

      Yes. All of our TK extensions are 100% real human hair. Our hybrid, hand-tied, and mini flex tips are all cuticle hair. That means that the cuticles are all intact and aligned. This ensures that the extensions will last the longest amount of time possible and won't tangle.

      Our halos and clip-ins are also 100% real human hair but they are remy extensions. This means that the cuticles have been stripped off. The reason why these can be remy hair and don't need to be full cuticle, is because they are not intended to be worn permanently in your hair.

      How do I color match my hair?

      When color matching extensions, it is so important to match the ends of the natural hair. Since that is the hair that is going to be blended into the extensions, you want to make sure that the color blends perfectly at the ends.

      How many grams are in each weft?

      Hybrid Wefts:

      • 18" - 45g
      • 20" - 50g
      • 22" - 60g

      Hand-tied Wefts:

      • 18" - 15g
      • 22" - 18g

      Mini Flex Tips:

      • 18"
      • 22"


      • 14"
      • 18"
      • 20"


      • 14"
      • 18"
      • 20"
      How do I know how much hair I need to order?

      TK recommendations for added volume only, no length added:

      • Hybrid Weft: 1-2 wefts
      • Hand-tied Wefts: 3-5 wefts
      • Mini Flex Tips: 1-2 packs

      TK recommendations for added length and volume:

      • Hybrid Weft: 2-3 wefts
      • Hand-tied Wefts: 6-10 wefts
      • Mini Flex Tips: 3-4 packs

      *These amounts are just an estimate. The amount you may need will vary depending on length and thickness of your natural hair

      Why is the color different than last time I ordered?

      Top Knot hair is 100% human hair and (as with all organic products) slight color variations are expected. We cannot guarantee perfect color consistency with each batch/shipment of hair. If you find that the color is different than expected, please follow the return policy to exchange the hair.

      What is Top Knot's return/exchange policy?

      To see Top Knot Extension's return/exchange policy, please click HERE.

      Hair Care

      What products should I use?

      To ensure the longevity of your Top Knot Extensions, we recommend that you use a sulfate free shampoo, and use an oil every day on the ends of the hair. Hair extensions don't get the natural oils from your scalp so they need all the extra moisture they can get! Using a deep conditioning treatment often is also highly recommended.

      Can I swim with hair extensions?

      We recommend that you do not swim with your hair extensions in. But if you must, wet your hair first and coat it in a deep conditioner and put it in a tight bun before you get in the pool.

      How do I sleep with hair extensions in?

      Put your hair in a low bun or a loose braid when sleeping. This will help prevent the extensions from getting matted with your natural hair.

      *Never go to bed with wet extensions. This will cause matting

      Can I color my extensions?

      Yes. You can color all of the TK extensions. We recommend that you never lighten them, but you can use deposit only color/toners on them. 

      *Always do a patch test first to ensure the extensions color correctly.

      How to install TK Clip in extensions

      TK Distributors pay up to 40% less than retail.

      How do I care for my clip in extensions?

      TK Distributors pay up to 40% less than retail.

      How to install TK Halo extensions

      TK Distributors pay up to 40% less than retail.

      How do I care for my TK Halo?

      TK Distributors pay up to 40% less than retail.

      Top Knot Extensions Salon

      How do I make an appointment with a Top Knot Stylist?

      For more information about Top Knot Extensions Salon and our stylists, click HERE.

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