• How To Wash Your TK Halo And TK Clip-Ins

    March 17, 2017 | Amy Lemmermann
  • Ashlee is going to show you how to wash and maintain your TK Halo and TK Clip-Ins

  • First off, sorry about the video being a little fuzzy...We will reshoot at some point but I wanted to get this up ASAP because we have had this question ALOT! For me, it is always easier to understand when I actually see how its done.

    For every day maintenance we suggest to refresh your extensions by spraying a leave-in conditioner in them, We have a few favorites over here. Mine is the Its a 10 Keratin (in the blue bottle) and Ashlee's is Oligo (blacklight) leave-In.

  • Now for washing and conditioning your TK Clip-Ins and TK Halo's...

    1. Brush out the hair starting from the bottom of the hair working up. By doing it this way you will avoid a lot of breakage.

    2. Fill up your sink with mild water.

    3. Put a few pumps of a Hydrating Shampoo in the water and mix around.

         One shampoo that I have been using lately is the "It's A 10" (with Keratin) from the same line as the leave-in that I like. I have also been LOVING their conditioner. I REALLY like how this line has worked with extension. They are extremely moisturizing without being greasy. 

    4. Dip hair in the water a few times avoid scrubbing. Gently squeeze out excess water. (If you are washing TK Clip-Ins you will want to work with 2 or 3 pieces at a time).  For TK Clip-Ins lay flat and repeat this with every piece.

    5. Start the same process over this time with conditioner.

    6. Hang dry. I always suggest using a skirt hanger to air dry a TK Halo. For TK Clip-Ins go ahead and just lay them flat to air dry. (You can blow dry them because it is 100% human hair, however, it will  shorten the life of them).


    Now that you know HOW to wash your TK Clip-Ins and TK Halo's....Let's talk about frequency. This is SO important because if you over wash your hair it will wear out ALOT faster. And Remember ...YOUR EXTENSIONS DO NOT NEED STYLING PRODUCTS. The only thing we suggest using is the leave-In, a hair oil and your washing products. Without styling products and because the hair isn't attached to your scalp getting all those natural oils in it, you don't need to wash them NEAR as often as your natural hair.

    So, Let me give you an idea about how often is ok to wash......If you are wearing your extensions every day, you only need to do this once a month, at most. For those of you only wearing them once or twice a week, you literally can go maybe 6 months! 

    You will be amazed how easy TK Hair is to care for!