• Micro Hand-Tied Wefts

    There are a couple different kinds of "hand-tied" wefts. I will tell you my experience with both, the pros and cons and HOW the TK Hybrid came to be. First of all, in case you were curious WHY hand-tied wefts are not near as common as machine-tied wefts are.Well..... What I found out, in my dealing with hair factories is...there tends to be ALOT of issues with hand-tied wefts (which means ALOT of upset customers) so most  factories have completely stopped making them, if they ever even offered them at all. 


  • Ok, starting with the micro hand-tied weft. There aren't very many factories that will make this thin of a hand-tied weft, in fact I only know of one company that offers it (others might but Im not aware of them).


    1. Comfort. Because it is SO thin, it is comfortable.

    2. These come in small 6-8in bundles. Some people like this because they feel like they can be more creative with color like this.


    1. Thin means...less hair which means stacking more wefts. Stacking 4-8 wefts on top of each other is very common. So, the way I see it is, if I am stacking 4-8 wefts to get more hair...doesn't that make it as thick as a machine tied weft??? 

    2Freying. This is the reason that hair factories don't like selling hand tied wefts. it is very hard to guarantee the weft will be tight enough to last as long as customers expect.

    3. You can't cut the weft. If the weft is cut...IT WILL UNRAVEL.

    4. These come in 6-8in bundles. I know...this is on my "pro" list as well!! I did that on purpose because this is a "pro" to some people but to me it is a "con". The reason that I don't like the bundles this small is....picture it, you are basically brick laying these wefts across the head so there are "ends" of these wefts are all over the place. It is a giant pain to constantly manage all of those wefts and make sure you aren't missing picking any of them up. Here is an example...you sew in 1 full row with 8 wefts stacked, you get to the end and you have 2 inches of a weft hanging out because it fell out of your clips while sewing ...UGH!! Now you have to re-sew that whole section.

  • The traditional hand-tied weft is the more common of the hand-tied wefts. You will see my list of pros and cons is short.


    -Has more hair on it than the micro hand tied weft.


    These wefts will unravel. These are the wefts that we had originally and...OH MAN, did I ever learn my lesson...UGH!!! I can't tell you how many wefts unraveled within weeks of wearing them. We tried this same weft from a few different factories and...it happened with every single one UGH UGH and UUUGGGHHH!!. This cost us ALOT of money to learn this lesson but of course in the end, if we learned something and made it better...it was worth it.

    That is why I can't say anything really positive about this weft. 

  • Machine tied wefts


    1. Steardy. Machine tied wefts are tried and true, they have been around for a LONG time.

    2. You CAN cut these wefts without freying.

    3. These are in 1 continuous weft so you can end it wherever you need to end.


    1. Bulky

    And thats it. As far as efficiency, they are great. But, when it comes to comfort...not SO Great.



  • SOOOOOO....This Brings me to how the TK Hybrid was created. We figured there HAD to be a way to get the comfort of a hand tied weft with the durability of a machine tied weft. Thus the name..."Hybrid" because it is a cross between the hand tied and machine tied weft!!! The BEST of both worlds! Below are a few of the reasons why we love the TK Hybrid Weft.

    The TK Hybrid Weft...

    -Has more hair on it than a either hand-tied wefts. This means that you only need to stack 2-4 wefts per row.

    -Can be cut

    -Won't frey or unravel until you have gotten full usage out of the hair

    -Half of the size of a traditional machine tied wefts, which means...Comfortable!

    -Is one continuous bundle. Which means clean sew-ins (without little ends popping out) and you can end right at the perfect place.


    Thanks for reading! I hope this answers some questions about the different wefts!!