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  • Benefits Of Becoming A TK Distributor

    What are the benefits to becoming a TK Distributor? Here are a few questions that we get asked about, and the questions that I will answer in this blog post. 1. How much money will I save or make on TK items by becoming a TK Distributor? 2. How do I become a TK Distributor? 3. What is in a TK Distributor Kit? 4. Do I need to be a Hairstylist to become a TK Distributor? 5. Do I need to order a [...]

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    Hand tied weft vs. Machine tied vs. TK Hybrid Weft

    There are a couple different kinds of "hand-tied" wefts. I will tell you my experience with both, the pros and cons and HOW the TK Hybrid came to be. First of all, in case you were curious WHY hand-tied wefts are not near as common as machine-tied wefts are.Well..... What I found out, in my dealing with hair factories is...there tends to be ALOT of issues with hand-tied wefts (which means ALOT of [...]

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    Extensions For Short Hair (enhance)

    Hair extensions look best when they ENHANCE what you already have. Not every woman wants to completely transform but EVERY woman wants to be ENHANCED! Lets face it....that's why we wear make up, get our nails done, highlight our hair, etc. Top Knot Extensions can show you how to ENHANCE yourself!!!  It is important that you know that THERE IS NOT ONE, SINGLE PERFECT METHOD. If a stylist only [...]

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