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  • Benefits Of Becoming A TK Distributor

    What are the benefits to becoming a TK Distributor? Here are a few questions that we get asked about, and the questions that I will answer in this blog post. 1. How much money will I save or make on TK items by becoming a TK Distributor? 2. How do I become a TK Distributor? 3. What is in a TK Distributor Kit? 4. Do I need to be a Hairstylist to become a TK Distributor? 5. Do I need to order a [...]

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    How To Wash Your TK Halo And TK Clip-Ins

    Ashlee is going to show you how to wash and maintain your TK Halo and TK Clip-InsFirst off, sorry about the video being a little fuzzy...We will reshoot at some point but I wanted to get this up ASAP because we have had this question ALOT! For me, it is always easier to understand when I actually see how its done. For every day maintenance we suggest to refresh your extensions by spraying a [...]

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    TK Halo Vs. TK Clip-Ins

    One of the questions that I get most is, "Would the TK Clip-ins or TK Halo work best for me?" I will always ask 2 questions to figure it out How long is your hair now AND how long are you wanting your hair to be with the extensions? Here are a few different scenarios:  1. Shoulder length to the mid back. My answer to them would be TK CLIP-INS....FOR SURE!!! Here is the reason, The TK Halo [...]

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