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    TK Hybrid Hand Tied Weft Explained

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    How it came to be: The top priority at Top Knot Extensions is to always produce a quality product for our customers. We found it difficult to stand-behind several of the hand-tied weft options available as they lack stability and consistency. Also, we were dissatisfied with the the options for machine-tied wefts because they are too bulky. So, what did we do? We created our own extension, the TK Hybrid Hand-Tied Weft.

    The TK Hybrid Hand-tied Weft is the BEST of both worlds! It is much thinner than traditional machine-tied wefts and a little bit thicker than traditional hand-tied weft.

    Benefits of the TK Hybrid Hand-Tied Weft:

    • STRONGER: It is much stronger than traditional hand-tied wefts
    • CUSTOMIZABLE: It comes in 1 long weft that can be cut. This allows for a custom ideal fit and means no more folding and tucking.
    • LESS WEFTS PER CLIENT: More hair is able to fit on the weft with the new technology of the TK Hybrid Hand-Tied Weft. This means using less wefts and instead of stacking anywhere from 4-8 wefts of traditional hand-tied wefts, with the new TK Hybrid Hand-Tied Weft, you would only stack 2 or 3 wefts per row!
    • THICKER ENDS: The TK Hybrid Hand-Tied Weft will not have the short, broken “filler” hair at the top of the weft like traditional hand tied wefts, this means thicker ends!

    Our TK Hybrid Hand-Tied Wefts are 100% Natural Cuticle Human Hair. They come in 14″ and 20″ in lengths, allowing you extra room to blend with your clients’ hair.

    Hair Weight:

    • 20″: 100g per box 
    • 14″: 75g per box 

    *The lengths of our TK Hand-Tied Wefts may vary slightly:

    • 14” range from 13” – 15”
    • 20” range from 19”- 21”

    When viewing colors, keep the following codes in mind:

    P represents piecey lowlights
    S represents soft blend
    T represents ombre



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