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    Training  $900

    Educator: TK Certified Trainer

    2-3 hour class

    Methods Included:
    1. TK Hybrid Sew-In Method

    2. TK Halo (how to fit, blend and sell)

    3.TK Clip-Ins (how to fit, blend and sell)

    4. TK Tape-In Method

    Tools included:

    TK  Tool Kit which includes:
    TK Tote Bag
    TK Styling Cape
    Leather TK Tool Belt
    TK Extension Brush
    TK Color Ring
    Tool Box:
    1 Needle
    1 Thread
    1 Pliers
    1 Metal Loop Tool
    1 TK Beads
    1 Tape Refill Sheet
    1 Mini scissors
    1 TK Glue (sample size)
    1 TK Glue Remover (sample size)
    1 TK Tape Remover (sample size)

    What you will learn:

    -How to build your extension clientele

    -How to convert your existing clients to extension clients

    -Basic ideas of how to price your services

    -Pros and cons of each method

    -Think outside the box! (mixing methods)

    -Color blending

    -Cutting & blending

    -Figuring out which method is best for each individual client

    -How to “Enhance” clients using TK Hair

    -Maintenance and removal

    -TK Certificate

    -Access to online training TK Hybrid Method for 18 months