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    TK Enhance Kit (Salon Tape-In Set)


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    The Full ” TK Enhance Kit” Comes with EVERY TK Tape-In color!!!


    If you are a salon owner and are wondering how you can get more extension client… the answer is easy! You don’t need to get NEW clients…you simply TURN YOUR EXISTING CLIENTS INTO EXTENSION CLIENTS!!!
    Top Knot Extensions is different from other hair extensions companies because we want to ENHANCE EVERY WOMAN. Not every woman wants a complete transformation but EVERY woman wants to be Enhanced!

    We have come up with the PERFECT way to “ENHANCE” your client in a quick and affordable way…. with the “TK Enhance Kit”!

    The “TK Enhance Kit” allows you to have an inventory of individual TK Tape-Ins in EVERY color!!! This makes it possible for you to offer AND provide the added service THEN and THERE! This will only add a FEW extra minutes to the service.
    With the “TK Enhance Kit” stylists are able to Up-Sell EVERY client without spending thousands of dollars on inventory.

    Starting off slow is the key…
    Did you know that more than half of the clients who try wearing a full head of hair extensions of any kind all at once will take them out within 2 weeks? Why? Because They are uncomfortable. IF you introduce a client into extensions slowly they will be an extension client for LIFE! They will also be a client of YOURS for life because you did for them what NO OTHER STYLIST could do… give them hair!!!
    Here is a list of clients that would LOVE this option:

    -Clients who have breakage in areas
    -Clients who have a hard time growing their sides out
    -Clients wanting a few highlights or lowlights and are concerned about damaging their hair with chemicals
    -Clients who have fine or thin hair and just want a little added volume
    -Clients who have fine ends but want thicker blunt ends
    -Color correction clients, by adding a few TK Tape-Ins in a color correction client, it will help the transition be much easier for the client.

    As you can see, this list describes pretty much EVERY female client that you have!

    Here are the details….
    Full “TK Enhance Kit” 
    Includes: 4 individual Tape-Ins of every TK Tape-In color (24 total)
    Includes: a TK login for “Distributor Pricing” on future orders
    14in $670
    20in $815

    With the purchase of BOTH 14in and 20in (at the same time) WE WILL COME TO YOUR SALON and teach everyone how to up-sell EVERY client with this service!!!

    TK Refill Pack
    Includes: 4 individual TK Tape-Ins of 6 Tape-In colors of your choice.
    14in $175
    20in $205
    How does this benefit you?
    Listed below are examples of added revenue per TK Tape-In set (2 individuals) *MOST clients will use 2 or more sets

    Charging the customer:
    $25 per set (14in)2 sets=$22 for (5-10min)
    $30 per set (14in)2 sets=$32 for (5-10min)
    $35 per set (14in)2 sets=$42 for (5-10min)
    $40 per set (14in)2 sets= $52 for (5-10min)

    How does this convert in added DAILY revenue per stylist?
    (using 6 clients per day and only 1 set, keep in mind MOST clients will use at least 2 sets)

    $25 per set (14in)= $132 (per stylist that day per/2 sets)
    $30 per set (14in)=$192 (per stylist that day per/2 sets)
    $35 per set (14in)=$252 (per stylist that day per/2 sets)
    $40 per set (14in)=$312 (per stylist that day per/2 sets)

    How does this convert in added Yearly revenue per stylist?
    (using a 260 day work year)

    $25 per set (14in)=$34,320 (per stylist per year per/2 sets)
    $30 per set (14in)=$49,920 (per stylist per year per/2 sets)
    $35 per set (14in)=$65,520 (per stylist per year per/2 sets)
    $40 per set (14in)=$81,120 (per stylist per year per/2 sets)

    Order now and your order will be shipped the following business day!

    Additional information

    TK "Enhance" Kit

    Full Kit 14in, Full Kit 20in, 6 Color Refill Kit 14in, 6 Color Refill Kit 20 in


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